Gelish Nails Surrey


This revolutionary product is 100% Gel that applies like polish, which wears flawlessly for an amazing 21 days of high gloss shine.
Gelish £27.50
Includes cleansing of the skin and nails, shaping of natural nail and a cuticle tidy. Application of a basecoat, two coats of polish and a top coat. This includes a free removal of Gelish.
Gelish Removal £15.00
Gelish French Manicure £32.50
Gelish Toes £27.50
Gelish Rock Star Toes £30.00
This involves application of product then adding glitter which is sealed into place by the top coat.
Gelish Add On to Acrylics or Gel £10.00
Gelish Individual Nail Repair from £3.50
Nail Enhancements
Natural Overlays (Fusion Acrylic & Gelish Hard Gel) £30.00
Got the length but not the strength? Then these are perfect for you. This treatment coats the natural nail, making it as strong as the extensions.
Pink & White Overlay (Fusion Acrylic & Gelish Hard Gel) £35.00
This treatment coats the natural nail with a permanent French Manicure.
Nail Extensions (Fusion Acrylic & Gelish Hard Gel) £40.00
Application of tip, these extensions are very natural in appearance. An infill is required every 2 weeks depending on nail growth.. These extension last 3-4 months.
Infill (Fusion Acrylic & Gelish Hard Gel) £24.50
Growth gap fill around the cuticle area. Treatment required every 2 weeks. Only suitable for natural look nails not French Manicures.
Pink & White Extensions (Fusion Acrylic) £45.00
Application of tip, coated with permanent French Manicure. Rebalance every 2-3 weeks depending on nail growth. These extension last 3-4 months.
Pink & White Rebalance (Fusion Acrylic) from £32.50
Treatment required every 2-3 weeks depending on nail growth. All the product is buffed back to re-establish shape and support of enhancement and re-align the permanent French.
Tip Replacement with Rebalance £2.00
Single Tip Replacement £5.00
Soak - Off Prior to Application of Tips £5.00
This treatment is for the removal of nail enhancements prior to the application of a new set of tips.
Safe Product Removal & Mini Manicure £15.00
This treatment is for the gentle removal of nail enhancements, with a tidy to neaten the natural nail.
Kooky Nail Wraps
Fingers £27.50
Toes £27.50
Celebrity Brows
6 secret steps to achieving 'perfect brows' with Shape and Tint (colour) that compliments you and your style perfectly.
Celebrity Brows £25.00
Groomed, clear and simple  Celebrity Brows are the original concept of perfected brows. Trained by brow specialist Anastasia of Beverly Hills Sarah Waycott-Marr brings to you the ultimate in brow grooming. ​ Using a multi-step procedure including a variety of depilation and custom blended tinting techniques, Celebrity brows creates the creme de la creme in High Definition Brows that are suitable for everybody 
Celebrity Range Spray Tanning
Forget about dangerous sunbeds and spending hours in the sun to achieve that “healthy” sun kissed glow. You can have that fantastic sun tan look with The Celebrity Range Spray Tan. Celebrity Range Spray Tan dries fast and creates a natural coloured tan likes your own skin would naturally suntan. There is no smell and your Tan will last up to 2 weeks with daily moisturising. A top up tan can be applied to ensure your tan lasts all summer through.
Celebrity Range Spray Tan £20.00
Celebrity Lash Extensions
Semi Permanent eyelashes are the perfect answer if you’re fed up with the hassle of applying false eyelashes every day, not only do they look better they are much more comfortable to wear, you’ll hardly notice you have them on. If your time is valuable, especially in the morning getting ready for work, there’s absolutely nothing to do except a bit of eye shadow and maybe a bit of eyeliner but many of my clients say they don’t even feel they need to put anything else on, they feel confident enough to go out in the morning with just the semi permanent eyelashes. Wouldn’t you like to do the same!
Celebrity Lash Extensions £45.00
Lash Infills from £25.00

Aftercare Advice

How to get the best from your Nail Enhancements

We want you to be happy with your nail enhancements, we also want them to be long-lasting & stay looking beautiful. We’ve put together some easy to follow steps to help you make this happen.

Getting Used to Your Nail Enhancements

  • Make sure you book a regular rebalance appointment with your nail technician. It’s a good idea to book a series of appointments at once, try to book the same day, same time every two to three weeks.
  • Don’t bite or pick your nail enhancements, this can lead to weakening or breakage and can cause damage and thinning to your natural nails.
  • If you notice your nail enhancement lifting, don’t pull or pick at it. BUT don’t ignore it. Return to the salon as soon as possible & let your technician decide if a repair is necessary.
  • Nail Enhancements may take some time getting used to. Gradually you will get into the habit of using your hands in a different way and the nail enhancements will start to feel as natural as your own nails.

What Products Should I Use on My New Enhancements?

  • It’s important to use Nourish Oil daily. Massage it into your nail enhancements. It will keep them flexible, prolong their life and dramatically reduce the risk of breakage. When removing nail enamel always use an approved non-acetone remover as recommended by your nail technician.
  • Invest in hand lotion that will penetrate the skin and your nail enhancements such as All that Jazz Bee Bar.
  • If you need to remove your enhancements you should return to the salon. Your nail technician will be able to remove the nail enhancements without damaging your natural nail with a professional product remover and give you a manicure to restore moisture and condition to the natural nails.

Let Yourself be Pampered

  • Above all, leave the hard work to the professional and let your technician manicure your nail enhancements.