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PolyGel takes the UK by Storm

Debbie Checkley

Debbie Checkley is another one of the many students who booked on to the very first round of Polygel Training here in the UK. Here is how she is getting on with the product so far! "I heard about the new invention from Nail Harmony and knew as soon as it was compared to Gel Varnish appearing in the market and how it changed our lives, I wanted to know more and I guessed it would be well worth having. PolyGel had been announced and I signed up for my training and brought my kit and still didn’t know what I was getting myself in to really! I finally saw a demonstration at the professional beauty exhibition and was enthralled. I just couldn’t wait to have a go myself. PolyGel looked amazing, easy to use, and a great alternative to Acrylics. I did have a little play with the PolyGel before my training day. There where a few videos taken at beauty pro. So I watched and played. To say I was in love with this new product was an understatement. My training was done with Michelle Livingstone with 6 other students. I found that while I had understood the idea of the PolyGel, there were aspects of it and techniques that I could only learn on my training day. It was fun using PolyGel, learning exactly how to apply PolyGel and finding out just how easy it is to extend or overlay a natural nail. I came home with a full set of PolyGel nails on. They are just so lovely and light weight to wear. I did 7 sets of PolyGel in the first week. The feedback that my clients have given me, is just wonderful. One was, “I just love my nails thank you and they feel so different to acrylics”. I feel I can offer a great service and product to my clients with PolyGel. It’s an amazing product to wear and to use. Thank you Nail harmony/ Gelish for such a fabulous product!"

Katie Osborne

Customer Katie Osborne was one of the first students to get booked on to one of our Polygel courses with her educator Michelle Livingstone. Here is what she had to say after her first day of training. "I fell in love with Nail Harmony's Gelish 3 years ago, I did a translation course soon after and not looked back! I was so excited to find out about the newest innovation from Nail Harmony and I followed the story from the first announcement until I attended Pro Beauty London and Polygel was released to the world! The course was great we got right down to using the product on each other. I thoroughly enjoyed day 1, already feel like I've got a good handle on using polygel looking forward to day 2!!! Loving polygel, its easier to work with than acrylics and gives a smoother lighter feel. I've done two full sets on 2 clients who are both over the moon and one as a repair. Here is the text one sent this morning "Up date !!! Still perfect so glossy and that extension is amazing so strong ! Everyone loves them "


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