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Michelle Paton has to be the most enthusiastic Nail Technician you will ever meet. She is passionate about nails and delivering the best experience for her students.

On her return from living life to the full in Marbella, where she lived for many years, she started her incredible journey as nail technician. She is simply the best at nails! She has regularly appeared on TV and has had her work featured in national magazines, as well as working at London Fashion Week and the X Factor.

A number of years ago she was approached by Nail Harmony to become one of their leading Educators, she helped develop the company as well as her own business over that time and has trained around the world throughout Europe and America. She now holds her Masters PhD. 

Michelle is a mother of 2 beautiful grown up daughters and has juggled life as a owner of a restaurant, Personal Trainer and gym instructor but has now found her vocation as a Nail Technician and an Ambassador for Tropic SkinCare. She enjoys running her Nail Salon in Chobham Surrey offering Gel Polish, AcryGel, Acrylic, Hard & Soft Gel alongside promoting Tropic Skincare. 

Michelle Livingstone Nail Artist @ the Nail Rooms Chobham




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