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Gel Polish Manicure 

This revolutionary product is 100% Gel that applies like polish, which wears flawlessly for an amazing 21 days of high gloss shine.

Gel Polish Manicure  – from £35.00

Our Gel Polish Manicure includes cleansing of the skin and nails, shaping of natural nail and a cuticle tidy. Application of a base, two coats of polish and sealed with a top coat. Includes a free removal off Gel Polish when applied at The Nail Rooms.

Strengthening Gel Manicure  – from £37.50

This strengthening Gel Manicure will include the same process as above with the addition of a gel to offer strength and structure to a healthy natural nail to aid growth. Free removal of product when applied at The Nail Rooms.


Builder Gel Manicure – from £45.00

Includes cleansing of the skin and nails, shaping of nail and a cuticle tidy. A Builder Gel Manicure is perfect for people with weak nails that need a lot of extra strength or extensions to their natural nail to create more length. It is also ideal for people that have long natural nails an need need extra structure.

This system requires infill maintenance every 2/3 weeks.

Builder Gel Manicure Infill - from £40.00

Growth gap fill around the cuticle area. Treatment required every 2/3 weeks. 

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A true hybrid between hard gel and acrylic. AcryGel is more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel, and lighter than both.

Natural Nail Overlay with Gel Polish  – from £50.00

Full Set of Tips or Forms with Gel Polish – from £55.00

Infill with Gel Polish – from £42.50

Rebalance (over 3 weeks) with Gel Polish  - from £47.50

Tip Replacement with Rebalance – £4.00

Single Tip Replacement from £6.00

Glitter Blends from 50p per nail

Filagrees from 50p per nail


Safe Product Removal & Mini Manicure£25.00
This treatment is for the gentle removal of nail enhancements, with a tidy to neaten the natural nail.



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